Create Your Own Branded Web Destination

Showcase your video content on your own website and with your own branding. Retain full creative control and ownership of your art, message and content. Leverage the Zype video platform to manage your video library behind the scenes with a complete dashboard for monetization, audience management, and analytics.

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Create your own branded web destination with Zype

Total Customization

Design a beautiful web experience that showcases your unique content. Integrate your video content into the context of your existing website. You control the user experience.

Shout! Factory's website, powered by Zype

Customer Spotlight

Shout! Factory streams timeless and contemporary pop culture videos on their own branded website with full control over look and feel. Shout! Factory decides how their videos are presented and organized, and Zype seamlessly integrates behind the scenes to serve videos and support Shout! Factory’s advertising-based revenue model.

Learn how Shout! Factory uses Zype to manage their video business