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Powerful analytics dashboard provides a 360 degree view of your video business

Zype analytics puts reporting on video engagement, device-level playback, and revenue channels at your fingertips. The dashboard drives important insights at a high level, while also giving you the ability to drill into important granular details.

Understand performance and make decisions about your video business

Video engagement

Understand how your audience is engaging with content through reports showing total time watched, which players and devices are being used, most popular videos, and which geographic locations your consumers are watching from. You can also drill down into detailed analytics for specific videos and custom time frames.

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Device, browser, OS analytics

Consumers are watching content from more devices than ever before, but with Zype it's easy to understand how content is performing across this fragmented landscape. Learn how to best optimize delivery across all the endpoints that matter the most to your audience.

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Monetization channels

Reporting for subscription, purchase, or rental transactions are integrated into a single dashboard to provide you with a complete view of your revenue. Gauge which video sales, rentals, and monthly subscriptions are driving the most revenue. Easily track subscriber growth and overall revenue model breakdown.

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Consumer-level analytics

Dive into consumer-level data to see content consumption trends and understand which devices are being used. Track detailed activity like transactions and billing changes, playback sessions, and logins.

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Do you have enough visibility into your video business?