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Powerful analytics to reveal video engagement insights across your entire video business

Keep your finger on the pulse of how your customers are engaging with your video. The Zype analytics dashboard aggregates critical metrics in an easy-to-read format, helping you learn how your audience is engaging with your video.

See how your audience is consuming content across devices

Actionable device data

See which devices and players your customers are using to access your content. Use this information to drive content strategy on a per-device basis.

Geo-based analytics

Geographic analytics to learn where your customers are located.

Identify top content

Leaderboards for quick at-a-glance insight into which videos are the most watched and most played.

Powerful insight into which videos perform best

Video-level analytics

Drill down into detailed analytics for specific videos and custom time frames.

Consumer-level analytics

Dig into analytics on a per-consumer basis to learn what is resonating with individual customers.

Time-based reporting

Dive into each metric to discover time-of-day and day-of-week consumption patterns.

Discover the engagement trends for your audience