Your Video, Now on Oath

Oath is a play through distribution endpoint that syndicates video content through its web, mobile & CTV distribution network. Oath play through distribution allows Zype customers to distribute content stored in the Zype platform through Oath's network.

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An experience custom-built with your audience in mind.

Quick Setup

The Zype Help Center provides an overview on how to get started with Oath, how to unlock your Oath endpoint profile in Zype, and how to generate MRSS feeds for distributing content to Oath.

Information Transfer

Zype provides the following meta-data and video information to Oath: video mezzanine files, all required video metadata, and all required assets

Play Through Feed Distribution

Zype has created an MRSS feed optimized for delivering content to Oath, as well as a workflow in our platform to easily generate new Oath feeds based on playlists, categories, or video sources.

Want to have your video streaming on Oath?