Cut, Compose and Stream Near-Live Video Clips

Zype's integration with Wildmoka allows you to get more value out of live broadcasts. With Wildmoka's Digital Media Factory, Zype customers can quickly edit clips and highlights from live stream sources and then push those clips to Zype for distribution across web, apps and playout destinations. 

Best Suited For:
Zype customers who want to use Wildmoka to rapidly edit, cut and create clips of broadcast content and pass through to Zype for OTT distribution.


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Key Benefits for Zype Customers

Create more monetizable content assets

Make your live streams go further and get more monetizable content assets out of live broadcast feeds by creating near-live clips, highlight reels, match summaries and more. 

Enhance creative storytelling

Add graphics, pre/post-rolls, transitions or subtitling for greater video engagement and monetization opportunities. 

Automate the editing process

Quickly distribute enhanced, curated video clips and time-sensitive content to OTT destinations.

Download the Wildmoka + Zype Joint Solution Overview

See how using Zype + Wildmoka can enhance your video workflows