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Your money. No middlemen. Monetize with SVOD, AVOD, or TVOD with a click of a button — or mix and match to best fit your business plan.

Explore Features: AVOD, SVOD, Purchase & Rental, Pass Plans, Redemption Codes, Native & Universal, Audience Management, Payment Processing

Zype gives you the complete monetization toolkit you need to extend your business and own your revenue. Monetization tools that fit your audience and business goals. With Zype, there are no middlemen standing between you and your hard-earned revenue.

Choose the monetization model that fits your
business and receive 100% of the revenue.

Flexible content access with redemption codes

Automatically create or upload single-use codes for consumers to unlock access to specific videos or groups of content. Learn more about using redemption codes >

Connect with your
audience like never before

Audience management tools for complete control and visibility over subscriber and transaction-level data. Take control of audience management >

Powerful integrations to collect direct payment

Zype integrates with the leading direct payment companies to provide you with complete revenue ownership.
Read about our payment integrations >

Want to better monetize your video content?