Scale your digital video

Zype provides a sophisticated video infrastructure to manage, distribute and monetize your video content.

All the tools publishers need to quickly distribute high-quality video content across multiple platforms

Simplified content management

Our simple and intuitive CMS dashboard acts as an end-to-end solution that makes it easy to manage, organize and monetize your digital video content.

Seamless advertising management

Optimize your advertising with ad packs, frequency capping, server-side ad insertion, ad overlays, and more monetization optimization features built just for publishers.

Stream your events live and on demand

Broadcast live events on any device, multicast to social platforms, schedule live events ahead of time and automatically archive so viewers who missed can watch on demand.

Everything you need to go cross-channel

Zype provides all the tools professional video operations teams need to get their digital video to every channel. This means direct web publishing tools, web content management plugins (Javascript and WordPress), connected TV and mobile app builders, and reference applications that are pre-plumbed for all the distribution business bits, and a partner marketplace to help customers supplement with additional services. Learn more →

Stream videos that play anywhere and look beautiful, every time

Zype’s live cloud encoding and global CDN optimizes live and on-demand video content into multiple renditions to deliver viewers best-in-class streaming, regardless of device, bandwidth or region. Learn more →

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