Live Stream Conferences, Events, and Shows

Zype provides the complete video infrastructure and easy-to-use workflows to broadcast your conferences, professional events, and shows, both live and on demand.

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Live Event Publishing & Distribution Made Simple

Quickly embed your live broadcast on any website using Zype’s web embeddables and HTML5 player.

High-Quality, Enterprise Class Live Streaming for Events

End-to-end live broadcast workflows make it easy to create, schedule, broadcast, and archive event live streams. Broadcast to any device or multicast to social platforms to reach audiences everywhere.

Seamless Attendee Paywall Management

Easily control access to your broadcasts by setting up and manage member subscription paywalls, or grow revenue by offering pay-per-view access.

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Simplify your live event broadcasting infrastructure

Creating a high-quality, reliable, and scalable live stream of your event, show, or conference can be complex and difficult. With Zype, simplify your broadcasting infrastructure with no-tech-needed cloud transcoding for Adaptive Bitrate support, reliable enterprise class CDN delivery, and easy to use workflows for creating, scheduling, and broadcasting your live events with just a few clicks

Amplify live event syndication and distribution

Zype makes it easy to distribute and syndicate your live event to all destinations where your viewers are. With Zype Live, not only can you easily publish your high-quality broadcast on your website, mobile, and set top apps, but also you can syndicate your event to streaming destinations like Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope, and Twitch.

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We have your back with live engineering services

In the event you need extra help getting your live event broadcast up and running, or need help with real time monitoring, Zype is here to support you. Zype offers flexible professional services around live event broadcasting, from encoder set up, configuration and testing to stream monitoring, so you  can focus on delivering awesome content to your audiences.