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Zype U is a learning center that helps content owners, live streaming broadcasters and creators build and scale their business. Zype U provides strategies, best practices and real-world tactics that can help grow your direct-to-consumer video business.

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How To Make Money With OTT Video
OTT Video. Recurring revenue. AVOD. Acquisition. SVOD. Retention. TVOD. Fan engagement. Cord cutting. Today's video...
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OTT Marketing and Promotion for Video Businesses
We created Zype U’s Marketing and Promotions series—to arm you with the OTT marketing strategies, tactics, and...
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Audience Development for OTT Video
Audience Development: Bringing in New Fans & Building Stronger Bonds with Existing Fans Audience Development...
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Content Engagement For OTT Video
You’ve built or own an established entertainment brand with help from mass media exposure on...
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OTT Video Marketing Mix – OTT Video and Owned, Paid, and Earned Media Pt. II
When building the nuts and bolts of OTT video marketing plans and campaigns, it’s helpful...
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OTT Video Marketing and Owned Media – OTT Video and Owned, Paid, and Earned Media Pt. I
As a business team transforms it’s OTT video marketing and content strategy into actionable plans...
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OTT Video Content Strategy Development – OTT Content Strategy Pt. III
Part Three of Zype U’s OTT Content Strategy brings together USPs, distribution, Customer Lifetime Value...
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Choosing An OTT Monetization Method And Forecasting SVOD Revenue
Zype recently hosted the “Video Business Fundamentals - How To Choose A Monetization Method And...
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