VidOps: Connecting Video Business and Operations

Connect Your Video Teams, Tools and Processes with VidOps

Organizing video teams, resources and workflows is complicated. Working to uncover the incredible value that lives within your video operations lifecycle? VidOps is the open and freely available framework that aims to unify video developers, technical assets, business stakeholders and content operations work into a single workflow. Download this white paper to learn how you can implement this framework to connect teams, integrate workflows, drive engagement, increase ROI, deliver at speed, and prioritize quality.

In this white paper, you learn more about these core VidOps principles:

  • VidOps is a philosophy and practice to bring video creation, distribution, management and monetization teams under one umbrella, to meet business objectives through collaboration and shared responsibilities.
  • VidOps must help cross-functional teams set clear objectives and work collectively to create a high performing, value-driven and efficient video lifecycle environment.
  • VidOps is a strategic initiative — to transform the streaming video lifecycle by unifying all teams, tools and processes into a single business process.