Zype X | Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

How soon can I get started with Zype X?
Right away! Once you sign up for Zype X, you will receive your login details automatically and our team will reach out to schedule your onboarding session shortly after.

What do I need to get started with Zype X?
You need a valid credit card to sign up. In order to fully use Zype X, you should have video content ready to upload, as well as an active website where you can publish and monetize videos. You will need to have access to your website CMS in order to use Zype’s player embed codes to stream to your site. 

Will Zype help me build a website?
Web development is not included. You will need to have an active website prior or hire external developer resources. 

What is included in Zype X?
See features by plan on the feature guide here.


How much does Zype X cost?
$500/month plus usage fees. You can estimate your monthly cost here.

Are there any additional upfront costs? Set up fees?
There or no additional upfront fees, no set up fees. Your first month of platform use is free and we are offering $500 in usage credit. 

Live Streaming

Can I live stream with Zype X?
Yes! Zype X customers have access to Zype Live and can live stream to their site.

Does Zype offer bi-directional streaming? Are participants visible when live streaming?
No, this is a broadcast where your live stream is sent to viewers but they are not visible as in a video conference, but if you do want your participants to be visible you can set this up by utilizing the RTMP stream through Zoom

Can we have multiple classes live at the same time? Is there a limit to how many trainers can be live at one time?
Yes, you can live stream multiple classes or instructors at the same time. Zype can provide multiple encoders. We have customers running up to 20 live events concurrently. 

What kind of internet connection is required to stream in high quality?
A high speed internet line should be used and not a cellular connection. It’s recommended to be hard wired (plug into internet) as opposed to wireless connection.

Is there a chat function that allows the viewers to talk to each other?
Zype does not come with a chat option, but you can utilize our Zoom integration if you want this feature.

Subscriber/Viewer Management and Transactions

If I use Zype X, how can I give my current members access to my videos?
You can use Zype’s redemption codes to give current members access to specific videos or subscription plans. You can learn more about redemption codes here.

How do I keep unregistered people from viewing my content?
You will have paywall options for all of your content, so you can control whether viewers have to register, subscribe, or sign in before viewing. 

What is Zype’s CRM?
Zype’s CRM allows you to see all of your consumers and all of the entitlements they have (what they have access to in terms of paywall content), their name, their email address, and the purchases they’ve made from a single dashboard. You can filter through your consumer list to see who’s trialing, who has canceled, etc. You can also get analytics information for specific consumers as well to see what their engagement level is like. 

Can I use my existing payment processor?
Zype integrates with Recurly, Braintree, Paypal, and Stripe, so if you are currently using one of these payment processing services, then yes.

When do I receive payments from users purchasing access?
Your payment processor pays any transactions to you directly and usually within 24 hours.


What analytics will I receive with Zype X?
Zype X includes full access to the Zype analytics dashboard. You will be able to see consumer level and device level analytics on video engagement, streaming, and revenue. 

Customer Examples

Can I see an example of customers using Zype’s web player and video paywalls?

Country Road TV

Drea Wheeler


Strong Nation by Zumba


Does Zype X include mobile or Connected TV applications?
Mobile and Connected TV app templates are not included in the Zype X Package. Zype supports a full range of apps but it would require upgrading to a network plan.

Does Zype offer other packages?
Yes, we do offer other packages with other capabilities, such as access to connected TV and mobile app templates. You can see the other plans available here.

If you’re looking for something more advanced, please reach out to us and we can walk you through the other packages.

Visit our Help Center for more answers.