Zype empowers premium content owners to drive revenue and reach with direct-to-consumer web, mobile, and set-top apps.

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Connected TV and Set Top Apps

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Mobile Video Apps

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Web Video


Direct to Consumer Sales

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Live Streaming

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Video and Audio Podcasting


Zype Media Ad Network


Video Content Management

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Video Analytics

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Audience Management

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Content Syndication

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Individual Rights Holders, Entertainment and Media Houses, Studios

Zype offers an enterprise-grade video business solution that requires minimal in-house technical effort to operate. With robust content management, analytics, player and source-agnostic import, owned and operated web and app content paywalls, and strong client services, Zype empowers enterprise content library owners to understand their audiences and achieve speed to revenue.



Individual Broadcasters, Podcasters, Broadcast Networks

Broadcasters use Zype to offer live streaming and on-demand content, with fast time to revenue with subscription, transactional, and ad-based content. Zype gives broadcasters a censorship-free and direct way to connect with their fans. Broadcasters can focus on their stories, guests, talent, creative, and studio presence and let Zype take care of the rest. Broadcasters can build strong digital content brands and increase equity value with fully-owned channels powered by Zype.

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Individual Content Creators (Lifestyle, Entertainment, Gamers, Music)

Content creators on YouTube, Vine, Snapchat, and other video-sharing websites use Zype to connect directly to their global audience and translate their rabid fans into direct dollars. With owned and operated apps powered by Zype, creators can finally own their audience, cut out middlemen, and better control content, brand, and revenue.

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Digital Content Networks

Digital content networks and multi-channel networks use Zype to activate untapped markets and create new opportunities for their talent and brands with video destinations, apps, and analytics. DCNs and MCNs rely on Zype for an easy-to-use, affordable video platform solution that achieves faster time to market and decreases total cost of ownership.



Publishers use Zype to aggregate all of their content within a single platform that enables categorization, searching, and streamlined management. With Zype, publishers have a video platform that can handle ecommerce, audience management, and deliver a consistent user experience across devices including web, mobile, Apple TV, and Roku.



Brand owners use Zype to market their video content through owned and operated web destinations, mobile, and set-top apps while retaining full control over their own brands. With Zype, brand owners can increase revenue and awareness with a direct-to-viewer strategy that delivers content to multiple devices and allows for flexible monetization.

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