How to Increase App Downloads

By The Zype Team on August 22, 2019

The road to mobile app success is creative and experimental. Being able to stand out in the oversaturated app stores means marketing and inventive iterations. The good news is, there are lots of best practices you can utilize in order to have an optimized user download funnel. Here’s our starting guide:


Promote on other digital properties – never stop promoting. As you grow your user base, more organic referrals will come in. Make sure that your information is available from every avenue.

– On your desktop website – include information, a coupon, and links on your website – On your mobile website (w app store buttons) – have large App Store badges on your mobile web that can take people directly to download. – On your blog – dedicate a blog post periodically about app updates and new features. – In email newsletters link out to it in your email newsletters. – On social media include links on your social media profiles. – In email signature let it be part of your general brand awareness as a part of your email signature, alongside your website and contact information. – Internal shares – Have your employees and C-level execs share about your app periodically.


Paid ads – once you begin to understand how and where to find your end users, begin experimenting with paid advertising on mobile. Common platforms include Google Ads and Facebook Business Manager – don’t be afraid to get creative. Wherever your target audience lives can be an advertising opportunity.

– Depending on your app content, consider geotargeted ads to other countries, which can often be less expensive than targeting a metropolis like New York or San Francisco. – Consider syndicated advertisement spots on websites where you know your users visit. – Try sponsored posts or sponsored email newsletters to lists that are your targeted audience.

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App Store Optimization – the iOS and Google Play App Stores are by far the most oversaturated stores in the mobile and OTT space. There are few ways to go about ensuring that your app is optimized for discoverability.

– Keyword relevance – maybe a no brainer, but choose keywords that feel common and relative to your brand and the utility of your app. – Searchable – before you commit to a name and keywords, pretend you’re an end user and think of all the ways that someone would search for your app. What comes up and what are you competing with? – Great screenshots – try captions and eye catching visuals, entice users with your clear value. – Offer coupon codes as you launch, try some old fashioned deals to encourage downloads, app sessions and referrals. – Create demo video – if you have the resources, utilize a demo video either to hype people up or to educate people on the general basic navigation or what they can do and look forward to within your app.


Respond to Reviews & Questions – your ranking on the app store matters. If you have negative reviews, show that you care by responding to your users. Turn unhappy users into happy users. 


Smart onboarding – as you design your app, start thinking about the best way to teach your end users about the capabilities within your app. It might seem easy, but try simple testing with person outside of your company, see what aspects confuse them as first-time users. 


There’s no magic formula for app downloads, but there are many avenues to take. As you experiment, keep your ROI organized and ensure that you have a retention plan in place too! Interested in building an app? Talk to an expert at MAZ today. 

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