Categorization, Curation and Distribution: Zype Webinar Recap

By Chris Bassolino on April 06, 2017

Earlier this month, Zype hosted a webinar to share insight into new product flows. Zype presenters included the fabulous Smith duo: Chris Smith, SVP of Product Management, and Michael Smith, Customer Success Manager. Keep reading for a brief overview on all of the awesome new Zype features.

MRSS and YouTube Import Categories

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Zype makes it easy to import videos and their metadata from several third party sources, and in the webinar we covered MRSS feeds and YouTube imports.. With a recent update, Zype now lets you customize category metadata, which is helpful if you don’t have the ability to modify the video metadata within your MRSS feeds or on these third party platforms. Say goodbye to the hassle of third party imports!

We also walked you through how to assign categories, and set their respective category values, with both MRSS and YouTube imports.

Dynamic Category Playlists and Smart Ordering

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After you import these videos and assign categories, we showed you how to set up a category playlist. A category playlist is basically a dynamic playlist with the imported videos based on category tags. The category playlist feature is super important because playlists will automatically update as long as you continue to import content with category tags. Talk about efficiency!

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The Smith duo also elaborated on Zype’s smart ordering feature which lets you curate your playlists by setting an order rule for the videos in a playlist. You can order playlists by title name, published date, or created date. You will always be able to come back and change the ordering rule, but it will always apply when you add more videos to the playlists. It’s just one way that Zype lets you curate your content.

Enhanced Playlists


Going even further, we also demonstrated how to create new playlist relationships, and how to modify playlist relationships spontaneously with our powerful enhanced playlist feature. The image above shows how “Sports”, the parent playlist, can be split into two children playlists, “Professional Sports” and “Amateur Sports.”

Opera TV

This all ties together, and lets Zype users pull content from Zype using a MRSS feed to submit apps to Opera TV (see the recent update announcing our integrated OTT offering with Opera TV). We walked the audience through creating an Opera app profile in the Zype platform, and gave a quick overview of the Opera Snap Submission Portal.


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We know how important understanding data is, so we made a point to run through the Zype analytics dashboard. Specifically, we showcased the new consumer browser and the operated system analytics, which gives Zype users insights into what types of browsers your viewers are watching your content on and just  trends amongst your viewers. We also demonstrated how to view the same analytics at an individual level, which helps customer success efforts.

Wrap Up

With the remaining time, the audience was able to ask questions. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the questions:

Can you give a generic overview of subtitles?

“We support both, VTT and SRT files. You can add as many languages as you want. Traditionally, the client provides the files. Or if you’re a digital broadcaster with subtitles embedded into the video tracks, we can work with that as well. We support a myriad of languages, and you can add as many as you want. There are no geographical locations limitations for we’re a world-wide player.”

How do nested playlists work with Apple TV, Roku and AFTV. If we organize playlists like this, will they show up in these destinations?

“All three are that way out of box. All push button app builders support all Zype nested playlists. The playlist structure as a whole can technically be supported by all endpoints you want to publish to.”

I like the ability to place my logo in the corner of my content. How do I do that?I

“There are two methods of doing this. One right now in the platform out of box is what we call the player logo bug. The web player allows you to pick the image and its location to put in the player. It’s part of the white labeling feature. You can also go with the player branding feature, upload an image and customize messaging.The second idea would be an overlay, like a watermark. It’s something we will take into consideration, and try to add into the platform.”

The March webinar was definitely a success and a great opportunity for current Zype customers and prospective customers to get the latest update on the Zype platform!

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