Meet Zype and the Backlight team at NAB, Booth W3157
Meet Zype and the Backlight team
at NAB, Booth W3157

My Time at Zype: A Two Year Reflection

By AJ Gomez on August 13, 2019

Anyone can identify problems. It takes a special group of people to build the solution.

Here at Zype, our team is full of doers -- the people who see a problem, develop a solution and execute.

But...we don’t just jump to conclusions quickly. As a team, we do our diligence to understand what really moves the needle and determine the best plan of action for all stakeholders.

From white board sessions, dev sprints, market assessments, pipeline management, customer check-ins, technical troubleshooting, root cause analysis, process optimization and reporting. We constantly look backward to move forward.

Everyone from our award-winning support team to our CEO work together to guide the ship. Sometimes it seems like chaos, but I like to think we do a great job of controlling that chaos.

We celebrate team wins and give shoutouts to individuals (Share the love with Karma! We just adopted it, and it’s awesome).  We also reflect on our failures and find actionable ways to do better next time. We encourage every member of the Zype team to have C ourage, work H ard, stay A wesome, be R esourceful, and most importantly, be T houghtful (Check out our Core Values).

Recently, I celebrated my second year at Zype as the VP of Operations. My role covers finance, people, sales ops, accounting, customers, billing, investors, and oh right, REPORTING!  While it has been a challenge supporting those areas of the business, it has been an incredibly rewarding and impactful experience for me.

Inspired by the cohesive tissue that binds our team, I bet that every Zypester would describe their experience similarly. You see, that is what’s great about the team. In addition to pushing the business to new heights, we have established a unique culture based on our individual and collective experiences.

To Zypesters, “culture” isn’t about foosball, catered lunches, free coffee (and beer), flexible remote schedules, monthly happy hours, unlimited PTO, subsidized gym memberships, education stipends, unlimited snacks and Summer Fridays... though, funnily enough, we offer all that!

The culture we have built, and look forward to building with new Zypesters, is defined by the challenges we’ve overcome, the limits we’ve expanded and the successes we’ve celebrated together. I truly believe that our culture drives the business and has helped us support award winning products, awesome customers and amazing team members.

Speaking of… we’re hiring. Want to join?

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