Broadcast Your Zoom Events to Your Website and Apps Using Zype

By Rachel DeSimone on April 02, 2020

Easily live stream your Zoom webinars and meetings using Zype’s cloud encoder in just a few steps

Zoom has been the saving grace for thousands of businesses trying to navigate today’s reality. Fitness studios are using the platform to host live workouts; media companies have turned to Zoom to host virtual events that have been cancelled. Zoom is especially useful if you want to incorporate multiple sources of video input (i.e. if you want to have multiple hosts or participants visible in your stream).

But how can you distribute your Zoom event to an even larger audience? What if someone that wants to watch doesn’t have a Zoom account set up? Or what if you want to put your stream behind a paywall or registration form? It can be quite the hassle to send out invitations and registration information to every user, especially if you’re limited to a certain amount of attendees.

Luckily, Zype makes it easy to broadcast your Zoom meeting to your website, mobile app, and OTT platforms. To begin, all you need is a Zype account and Zoom account (Pro, Business, Education, or Enterprise).

Steps to Configure Zoom Live Stream in Zype

  1. Enable your Zoom account for streaming using a custom service (you will need admin permissions to do this)
  2. Email to enable your encoder for Zoom broadcasting (you will only need to do this one time)

Once support has confirmed your cloud encoder is configured for Zoom streaming you are ready to connect your Zoom meetings. Follow the simple steps below.

1. Create and start your live event in your Zype dashboard under Zype Live

Broadcast Your Zoom Events

2. Schedule a new meeting in Zoom

Broadcast Your Zoom Events 2 (1)

3. Click “Start Your Meeting” and open the Zoom app when prompted

4. Once your meeting is started, navigate to the “More” section at the bottom of the meeting window and select “Live on Custom Live Streaming Service

Broadcast Your Zoom Events 3 (1)

5. Locate your streaming URL, which can be found in your Zype Live event dashboard next to “Cloud Transcoder”

Broadcast Your Zoom Events 4 (1) (1)

6. Input your streaming URL and enter “default” as your Streaming key

Broadcast Your Zoom Events 5

7. Input the website or player URL you want your audience to watch the live stream on, for example

Broadcast Your Zoom Events 6

8. Click “Go Live!”and your Zoom meeting will start streaming to your Zype Live encoder

Broadcast Your Zoom Events 7

9. Once you are streaming, you can use the embed code in your Zype dashboard to publish your stream to your website or syndicate your broadcast to any mobile application, OTT Platform, or third-party Zype supports! You can even turn on the paywall or registration form so that only paying customers or authorized users have access to the stream.

Broadcast Your Zoom Events8

To end the broadcast from Zoom, click the Live overlay in the Zoom meeting, and stop the stream.

Broadcast Your Zoom Events9 (1)

If you want to learn more about how to broadcast and publish live events with Zype, check out our Help Center article here.

Have questions? If you’re already a Zype customer, you can email your account manager. If you aren’t a customer, you can request a demo to learn more about Zype!

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