What's New at Zype: Supercharge Your Affiliate Marketing

By Anna Hughes on October 11, 2018

Looking for ways to increase traffic to your webpage and drive revenue? Zype's got your back. Zype's affiliate marketing integrations are engineered to provide your affiliates with useful information they require, helping you reap the full benefits of their program. And not only that, but Zype's automatic redirect from subscription embeds can help direct your audience to the pages you want them to see most.

Affiliate Tracking

You can use Zype's subscription or transaction embed to display an invisible tracking pixel that will capture valuable information from your viewers that you can return to your affiliate. Adding this tracking onto the embed is simple and crucial in providing your affiliate program with the information they require.

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Automatic Redirect

Zype allows you to add an auto redirect URL into the platform that will direct your audience to your page of choice upon a successful subscription purchase. In addition to providing this functionality to help guide your audience experience, you can also add macros onto the end of your redirect URL to capture additional information to return to your affiliate. We support dynamic value fill for the following macros:


Dynamically Filling Value


The Zype consumer ID for the consumer who just completed a purchase


The Zype subscription ID for the consumer who just completed a purchase


The email address of the consumer who just completed a purchase


The Stripe ID for the consumer who just completed a purchase


The Braintree ID for the consumer who just completed a purchase


Dollar value of the purchase that was just placed, returned in '7.99' format (no symbols)


The 3 letter currency code of the purchase that was just placed


The Zype subscription plan ID for subscription sign ups

Let's get affiliated!

Already have your affiliate tracking code URL and auto redirect URL?  Simply visit the Subscription Settings page and scroll to see both options. We’ve outlined some more specifics in our Help Center article linked below in case you need it.

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