Why You Don’t Need To Abandon YouTube To Make Money Off Your “Explicit” Content

By Chris Smith on September 02, 2016

Making money on your creations is hard enough without throwing censorship into the mix.

You have to put in a lot of time crafting, being passionate, and finding an audience before you can even start to consider flipping the switch on monetization and earning what you deserve for all your efforts. This is business implication time, are you sure you’ve been following your platform’s content guidelines and positive that your hard work doesn’t offend their sensibilities and the sensibilities of potential advertisers?

YouTube has recently been hit hard with criticism over their advertiser-friendly content guidelines and de-monetization process, as both creators and fans alike cry foul over what they’re viewing as censorship. We even talked about it. It’s a great conversation to have, because it truly matters to those trying to create a video business using the YouTube service.

Don’t Abandon YouTube – Make It Work For You

We’re seeing lots and lots of anger on Twitter through the hashtag #YouTubePartyIsOver. It doesn’t have to be that way — it doesn’t have to be over. YouTube can be a very powerful tool for your video business, just in a different way than you might be thinking. You don’t have to monetize with them at all.

In fact, instead of having your livelihood depend on YouTube’s services, you can leverage the platform to create fans and followers, and then turn them into paying customers when you send them to your own branded video streaming destinations.

Zype can help you do this easily, in a smooth process that ingests all your content and metadata from YouTube (or anywhere else), and we let you monetize in any way you see fit. Your apps are your own: it’s your brand front and center. No YouTube logos anywhere, no YouTube content guidelines to follow and automatic algorithms that pull ads from your content without warning.

We outlined it like this for The Drum : YouTube is an amazing platform for discovery and fan engagement, but Zype allows creators to form direct connections to their fan base, including access to directly market to them and offer paid subscriptions and premium content purchases. Growing your business means having a direct conversations with your audience. Take the world of OTT devices for example - like Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV - platforms that are growing fast and offer great advertising opportunities with potentially higher CPMs. Just keep in mind that building OTT apps doesn't automatically mean your audience will know where to find you. You need a way to tell people about your OTT channels if you want them to show up!

The YouTube party doesn’t have to be over; you can just keep it going at the afterparty and make even more money.

How Zype Helps YouTubers Get Control and Make More Money

It’s true: there are guidelines almost anywhere you go. We’re not about to make you go it alone — we know the endpoints of Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV like the back of our hands. We’ve been dealing with them for ages, and can help you through the QA process quickly, helping you expand your reach to more people in different places.

We also allow you to monetize your content in any way you’d like : subscriptions, ads, or transactions. Mix them up, use only one, it’s up to you.

On top of this, we’re really proud of being purely agnostic when it comes to content. We will never strip you of your voice or what makes you special, because that’s what your fans love.

Top YouTubers Using Zype

What’s even better is that this isn’t our first time to the rodeo, either. Here are some prolific YouTubers that have already joined forces with us, taking their video businesses to the next level while still maintaining their impressive YouTube presence:


The Right Choice

This isn’t a binary decision — you don’t have to abandon YouTube altogether and you certainly don’t have to embrace their guidelines and shoehorn your content to fit. You have options.

Zype just happens to be the best one.

Were you getting tired of sharing revenue with YouTube anyway? Tired of giving them bigger and bigger pieces of your hard earned pie while you watched your views and subs skyrocket? You can grow, but what YouTube offers you does not: their logo is still plastered all over your page and content, the tech can’t be customized to fit your unique needs, they choose when and how they pay you after taking their share, and they can yank monetization without warning — based on a soulless algorithm. Congratulations, you get to then go through an appeal process if you disagree with their robot’s decision.

We do things differently. All of the money your earn when using Zype is yours. No revsharing, no middlemen in sight. You bring your own payment processor, like Stripe or Braintree, and have access to your money whenever you want or need it. After we discuss your needs, you can expect a monthly fee and total transparency .

We’re also very, very nimble. We can grow and expand with your needs as your business reaches new levels. We have a crack team of engineers and code artisans who are constanng the Zype plaon’t slap our logo on anything of yours — your brand is always front and center.

A rule of thumb we at Zype have observed is that YouTubers can expect to convert over two per cent of their YouTube subscribers to paying customers and build their own video business with a recurring revenue model. It doesn’t happen in a silo — great content, a passionate audience, and marketing are all required to make that happen— but it’s not crazy or groundbreaking even at this point to directly monetize an audience in a significant way.

You don’t need to leave YouTube behind, but it IS time to try something new, and make more money along the way.

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