Zype Product Updates: A FAST Live Event, Performance Updates in Playout 2.0, a new Integrations Marketplace and more!

By The Zype Team on February 28, 2022

We're focused on building the most comprehensive end-to-end video infrastructure platform available to help you increase engagement and monetization of content across all your streaming platforms. Read on for the latest product updates out this month and a preview of what’s to come next month.

Ready to jump into the FAST lane?

FAST has seen rapid growth in the last few years and is extremely popular among cord-cutters. In fact, many cable networks are offering FAST channels to stay in the market and diversify their business model over IP TV. FAST has gained so much popularity that, according to Seeking Alpha, the market for FAST is projected to nearly double in revenue over the next two years, estimated to be over $4 billion in value.

On March 1st, Zype will host a live online discussion hosted by notable producer Evan Shapiro, featuring Zype CEO Ed Laczynski and EVP Of Engineering  Shikha Arora, as well as Alan Wolk,  Co-Founder/Lead Analyst at TV[R]EV, and Stuart McLean, CEO of FAST Studios.

Register here to listen in as they discuss FAST predictions for 2022 and how to create a successful FAST channel with the right tech stack, and the importance of marketing support and monetization tools needed to create a premium viewing experience for end users.


Performance Updates in Playout 2.0

Users looking to deliver live or VOD digital linear experiences with Playout 2.0 will benefit from new performance updates to the software. With this latest release, Playout 2.0 users experience greater efficiency with reduced load time of assets and intuitive asset syncing between CMS and Playout. Playout assets now load faster into the Playout UX making it easier to adjust playout schedules and publish updates on the fly. Intuitive asset syncing between CMS and Playout 2.0 means that changes made in Zype's CMS to videos, playlists, ad timings, bumpers and slates will update seamlessly in Playout 2.0. With core CMS data now available in Playout 2.0 directly, users can benefit from improved stability and performance at scale with playout software that operates more efficiently. 

Updates within the Admin Dashboard

New Integrations Marketplace

Accessible under the Connectors section of the Admin dashboard , Zype’s new Integrations Marketplace tab provides one location to access Zype integrated offerings. The Integrations Marketplace provides quick links to easily enable connected apps and integrated technology partners into your video workflows. As Zype continues to roll out new integrations with more partners, you'll find them easily accessible here.

API Documentation Improvements

Zype’s API-driven software allows content providers to provide friction-free streaming experiences backed by feature-rich functionality. As essential building blocks for a seamless streaming experience, Zype’s APIs make it easier than ever to create custom workflows across our streaming platform and playout products with new improved compatibility and clarity updates that adhere to current industry standard specifications. Updated documentation in our help center provides an essential guide to using Zype APIs to create powerful video experiences across all platforms. Learn more about using Zype APIs here

Coming Soon!

Here’s a preview of some product enhancements we’re working on this month to further improve your video workflows:

  • Midroll Ads in Playlists & Program Blocks in Playout - Soon users will be able to insert midroll ads using the timeline drag and drop ad timing placement within Playlists and Program Block content.

Is there a feature you’d like to see that would help improve your video workflows? Please contact us!


Happy Streaming!

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