Zype + Wildmoka Integration: Real-Time Editing & Publishing to OTT & Social

By Matt Moore on August 10, 2022


Rapidly cut and edit live or live linear video using Zype + Wildmoka

At Zype, we provide our customers with the best cloud-based tools to manage and deliver quality video content across the OTT ecosystem. Our recent acquisition by Backlight has enabled us to offer our customers access to complementary technologies within Backlight’s portfolio of award-winning video-centric software businesses that improve the efficiency and functionality of their video workflows. 

We’ve recently integrated with Wildmoka, a fellow Backlight business. Wildmoka is a leading SaaS platform for the creation of live and near-live content in Sports, News and Entertainment, used by top media companies including NBC, Fox, Sky, Sinclair, Canal+, BeinSports and Altice. The Zype + Wildmoka integration allows Zype customers to leverage a toolset for video editing and clipping so they can get greater value out of their Zype-distributed video content. We’re talking about scaling the creation of additional video clips, highlight reels, graphic overlays, sponsor logo inclusions and more!



Wildmoka Puts A Digital Media Factory at Your Fingertips

Wildmoka’s Digital Media Factory is a cloud-based platform for streamlining video editing, re-purposing and hyper-distribution to digital destinations (OTT and social media). Wildmoka can help Zype customers:

  1. Create more monetizable content to reach a larger audience and drive more revenue
  2. Enhance creative storytelling through customization of video for greater engagement and monetization
  3. Automate video editing and quickly distribute time-sensitive content to OTT destinations

How it Works

At its core, this integration allows Zype customers to leverage Wildmoka’s Digital Media Factory to quickly cut and edit video from live or linear broadcasts, whether from Zype or another external broadcast source, and push those clips to Zype for distribution across web, apps and playout.

Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 11.42.35 AM

The use case for the Zype + Wildmoka integration can be broken down into three main steps:

  • Ingest: Ingest live or linear programming from Zype or an external live source into Wildmoka
  • Edit: Edit video clips, compose highlights, enhance clips or streams with graphics, or create storytelling reels, and more with Wildmoka’s Digital Media Factory
  • Distribute: Push VOD or streams to Zype for publishing via Streaming Platform VideoMeta CMS, Zype Live or Zype Playout or publish to social using Wildmoka’s social connectors

Example Zype Customer Use Cases

To demonstrate the value that this integration with Wildmoka’s technology provides Zype customers, we’ve identified a few example use cases where Wildmoka can be leveraged to enhance existing Zype workflows. 

  • Clipping & customization of Live Source for VOD - Customer ingests live source into Wildmoka (from Zype Live, Zype Playout, or other live broadcast source), creates enhanced VOD assets (clips, reels, etc) and sends them to Zype’s VideoMeta CMS for distribution to web, app or other outlets for syndication.
  • Wildmoka RTMP stream outputs get pushed into Zype Live or Zype Playout - Customer ingests live source into Wildmoka (from Zype Live, Zype Playout, or other live broadcast source), enhances streams with graphics, pre/post-rolls, transitions, closed-captioning, creating b-roll content, and more before distributing stream via Zype Live or Zype Playout to OTT destinations.
  • Distribution of Live or VOD Content via Wildmoka to Social Platforms - Customer creates enhanced VOD clips or reversioned streams from live broadcasts and uses Wildmoka to publish them to social platforms for increased reach and monetization.

Zype + Wildmoka Integration: Advantages for Customers

  • Create and Distribute More Content - Customers can get more value out of their live broadcasts by using Wildmoka to boost their content production capabilities by creating clips, highlight reels, best-of segments, adding graphics, pre/post-rolls, transitions, closed-captioning, creating b-roll content, and more before distributing edited VOD or streams via Zype to OTT.
  • Quickly Automate Editing + Publish - With browser-based, intuitive software tools accessible from anywhere, this integration makes it easy to quickly automate the editing and publishing of content in different formats to capture view er attention across all streaming platforms.
  • No technical skills needed - Thanks to intuitive toolsets and user-friendly, browser-based dashboards, even non-technical editors can enable this integration and create clips, highlight reels, live output streams and more and send them to many digital destinations.
  • Proven at scale - Trusted by top tier broadcasters to deliver to digital destinations, Wildmoka’s award-winning technology has been proven at scale to handle multiple streams in parallel with no outages, serving customers in multiple regions across many different languages. 
  • Easy workflow integration - As SaaS solutions, Wildmoka and Zype can be easily integrated into existing streaming architectures. Automate content creation and distribution workflows using Wildmoka’s AI and ML-informed tools for smart ingest and Zype’s API-first infrastructure which make it possible to customize workflows to meet your specific needs.


Enabling Zype's Integration with Wildmoka

This joint solution is available for joint customers of both Zype and Wildmoka. If you are a current Zype customer interested in this integration, you can speak with your Zype Account Manager to begin the process of setting up an account with Wildmoka.

To provide support for joint customers, we’ve created a Help Center article that offers a step-by-step look at how to begin setting up the Zype + Wildmoka integration. Once the integration is set up for your Zype account, this article will show you how to push edited video clips from Wildmoka into Zype.

If you have more questions, our team would be more than happy to walk you through the process in greater detail. Reach out to your Account Manager to learn how you can use the Zype-Wildmoka joint integration to streamline your live and linear channel clip creation and distribution today.

matt-moore-website-1Matt Moore, SVP Product

Matt Moore is a seasoned media development leader with a proven track record of growing audiences and revenue by connecting content with technology. As the SVP of Product at Zype, Matt’s focus is on connecting meaningful, user-focused video experiences with the tools that media organizations need to build, manage, and grow their multi-platform content strategies.


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