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Zype provides the infrastructure, APIs, and tools to help developers launch awesome video apps and experiences.

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The complete developer toolkit for building and launching amazing video streaming products.

Tap into Zype's robust set of developer tools to help you go to market more quickly and easily.

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Developer Toolkit

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We believe in the power of using elegant code to simplify complex problems. Zype provides easy to use API endpoints to build typically challenging workflows like creating, scheduling, and archiving Live Events through a single API call. Check out the example below.

Robust Video Infrastructure

We've taken care of all the heavy lifting from enterprise-class storage, encoding, and streaming, so you can focus on architecture, design, and user experience.

World Class APIs

Build with Zype's video APIs and gain control over the whole video lifecycle, from metadata & curation, to authentication & authorization, video playback experience, and more.

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Reference Apps & SDKs

Zype's reference video apps and SDKs provide the foundation and plumbing needed for developers to launch more quickly, test ideas, iterate, and engage viewers.

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art developer guides

Quickstart & developer guides

Start leveraging Zype’s APIs and tools to develop more quickly and easily.

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Authentication and entitlements simplified

Working with Zype’s OAuth and Entitlements APIs allow you to provide rich, custom authentication and authorization experiences to your viewers.

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Low friction live events

Zype’s Live Events APIs provide comprehensive access to launching awesome live streaming products.

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