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How Free Ad Supported Television evolved in 2022, and what to be ready for in 2023.

In the past year, the Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television (FAST) market has proven to be a compelling place to play for both content providers and advertisers looking to connect with audiences across streaming platforms. 

With all eyes on FAST, how has the landscape for content owners and distributors changed in the past year, and how can they best take advantage of the opportunity in 2023? 

Zype’s OTT360 series is back with another thought-provoking conversation around the evolution of FAST and where it’s headed. From new programming approaches, to changes in the advertising space, to an emergence of new distribution outlets and software tools and services to build channels, our expert panel will discuss the current state of FAST and what you need to know to make it a successful part of your business strategy.

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Featured Speakers

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Founder & Industry Analyst


Greg Barnard - No logo


Director, Content Acquisitions


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Founder & COO

Smart Healthy Green Living

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VP of Distribution Partnerships