Smart TVs

Video Connectors | Smart TVs

Use the Zype video platform to manage your video business on Smart TVs. Our dashboard for app publishing, monetization, audience management, and analytics is your central hub for complete video business management. Plus, it’s easy to integrate Smart TVs into your existing content distribution strategy and expand your business to other popular streaming video devices.


An experience custom-built with your audience in mind.

Showcase your brand

Get your content on smart TVs, expand your reach, and activate untapped audiences. Connected TV app stores come automatically programmed on smart TVs with no additional purchase or hook-up required.

Streamlined Publishing

Automated workflows make it easy to publish your video across all Smart TV marketplaces. Zype supports all major Smart TVs including Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Phillips, Toshiba, Sony, Vizio, Sharp, and HiSense.

Flexible monetization

Gain total control of your revenue. Sell your video directly to your audience with subscription, transaction, and ad-supported monetization models.

Want to stream your video to SmartTV users?