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Zype Live

Deliver and monetize premium live video to any destination in record time.

Zype Live is a high-quality, scalable and user-friendly live streaming service that works across devices, supports easy monetization and integrates analytics. Zype Live supports both on-demand live events and always-on 24/7 linear live feeds with live cloud transcoding for a professional streaming experience.

What is Zype Live?

Zype Live builds on the powerful Zype video platform to offer an easy-to-use dashboard for managing your entire live streaming video business.

Zype Live powers the whole live video broadcast, management, distribution and monetization infrastructure so that you can provide your audience with an incredible live viewing experience.

Start streaming in minutes with Zype Live and your audience won’t miss a moment

With an end-to-end live streaming platform and a centralized dashboard for managing your live video business, Zype Live is the only live video streaming service you need.


Plug into your video production system of choice — whether it’s TriCaster, Wirecast, or other equipment, Zype leverages RTMP, the industry-standard streaming protocol, for maximum compatibility. Learn more live encoding >


Go live in minutes with your own single tenancy cloud live streaming infrastructure and create multi-bitrate adaptive streams from a single input source. Learn more about streaming infrastructure > >


Live events can be configured to allow for multiple purchase options, including a free preview period, allowing your consumers to subscribe or purchase individual events. Learn more about monetization >


Live events, 24/7 always-on feeds, linear streams — all live streams can enable DVR and automatically archive to VOD. Learn more about live broadcasting >


Live streams are delivered by the best-in-class CDN with multiple quality settings available up to 1080p/60fps. Learn more about global video delivery >


Deliver the same live stream, at the same time, to every screen using only Zype Live — no other service or tool required. Learn more about video distribution >

Customers who love Zype Live

Former Univision host turned solo broadcaster created his own video network with Zype and streams every Monday through Thursday.

Chukker TV uses Zype Live to stream polo matches and championships around the world.

Havoc TV celebrates its rebellious culture rooted in surf, snow, and music by live streaming action sports and independent music videos.

Texan Live is the home for Houston high school sports and uses Zype Live to power their live and on demand subscription video network.

Don’t let your audience miss a second