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Zype Playout

The easiest way for video product teams to create, monetize, and distribute broadcast-quality linear live IP-delivered streams, with available SSAI.

Zype Playout offers easy-to-use workflows for programming 24/7 linear live streams using playlists of videos. This includes workflows for selecting and ordering playlists of videos to create a linear channel schedules, scheduling broadcasts, and encoding and packaging linear channels for RTMP or HLS based distribution. SSAI is supported, with integrations available for FreeWheel and Google AdManager.

Grow your IP-based Linear Channel Distribution

Social Publishing

Program and broadcast RTMP linear live streams to audiences on social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and Periscope.

vMVPDs & Custom Distribution

Syndicate your linear channels, with or without SSAI, to vMVPDs that accept RTMP or HLS standard streams.

Owned and Operated Apps

Zype Playout supports HLS distribution to your owned and operated websites and video apps, along with popular OTT marketplaces, with available SSAI.

Zype Playout simplifies linear programming and distribution across multiple streaming destinations.

Why is Playout Better with Zype?

Tap into easy-to-use workflows for transforming playlists of videos into IP-delivered linear live streams.

Consolidate Video Management

All of your content storage, encoding, packaging, and delivery & distribution is managed in a single place. No more having to configure metadata data in disparate systems, curate and organize videos multiple times.

Simplify Ad Monetization

Zype Playout supports ad timing & slate management, SCTE marker generation, and packaging within Playout Channels, making it easier to manage ad monetization for your linear channels.

Reduce Broadcast Complexity

Zype Playout handles the complex process of normalizing video bitrates, renditions, and aspect ratios for videos in a playlist to ensure that they can be stitched together as part of a high-quality linear live stream.

Start distributing linear channels today