Linear Video Advertising

When it comes to monetizing your playout feeds, Zype's got you covered.

Playout 2.0 helps you increase revenue and monetize Free Ad Supported Television (FAST) channels with industry leading ad monetization capabilities.


Sophisticated Ad Support for Enterprise Needs

Tools like drag-and-drop ad placements, intuitive ad break recognition and prefetch advertising allow you to better monetize ad breaks while creating a custom experience for the end consumer.


Leverage Zype SSAI

Connect an ad server using Zype SSAI and have Zype manage all ad insertion, so you can focus on creating great programming and leave the monetization to us.

Connect YourThird-Party SSAI

If you choose to leverage a third-party to do ad insertion, Zype Playout 2.0 can provide streams with ad markers for seamless ad break recognition.

Smarter Ad Insertion with Prefetch

Enhance monetization of complex ad waterfalls by leveraging ad prefetch.

With prefetch enabled, Zype makes requests for ads from the ad server in advance of ad breaks to help increase fill rates, render rates, and create a better advertising experience for your customers.


Easily Update withDrag & Drop Placements

Quickly create ad breaks by dragging an ad timing into the schedule timeline.

Responsive adjustments mean your programming updates to accommodate the ad breaks.



Flexible Midroll Insertion Tools

Easily insert midroll content within the scheduler by a push-out, overwrite or via automatic insertion using existing ad timings.

Zype Playout Scheduler has the ability to ingest and utilize existing ad timings from the Zype CMS, along with modifying or creating new ad timings directly from scheduler.

Ready to improve the monetization of your playout streams?