Horizontal Programming Timeline

Zype's innovative horizontal timeline approach to programming is simple and intuitive, but powerful and flexible enough to integrate into large-scale video publishing workflows.

Easily program content into a linear stream by grouping content into reusable programming blocks, automatically fill program gaps, override scheduled content and loop assets, with the ability to export programming and rundowns before publishing.


Linear Programming Made Simple

Spend less time programming and more time strategizing with our interactive horizontal content timeline.


Drag & Drop Content

Creating a linear channel is as simple as dragging a library item onto the timeline in a linear fashion, an intuitive approach to programming that reflects popular video editing software tools.

Programming 24/7 linear channels is made easy with the ability to schedule or loop content such as individual videos, playlists, or program blocks.

Easily Navigate Across Time

Scheduling content across days and weeks is simple by pulling back on the calendar view or scrolling across days on the timeline view.

View content in 1 hour programming blocks, or for a more granular view, zoom down to 30, 15, 5 or even 1-minute increments to meet your programming needs.


Seamless Ad Insertion

Inserting ads can be fully automated or as simple as dragging and dropping ad slates onto the timeline, with smart tools to cut or push underlying video content for midroll ads.

Override Programming

Sometimes a live event or breaking news means you have to interrupt pre-planned programming.

Our Priority Track gives you the flexibility to schedule programming overrides to cut in with live or VOD content without having to revise your pre-programmed schedule.


Preview Channels Before Publishing

Once a channel is programmed, easily export to CSV for local comparisons or automatically generate an EPG in TVXML or Gracenote formats.

Fast Updates

When programing adjustments need to occur, update programming on the fly by quickly adjusting scheduled content on the timeline.

Once updates are made, programming can publish in 60s or less.


See Playout 2.0's innovative horizontal programming timeline in action today