Studio-grade video protection from end-to-end.

Zype makes it easy to protect your most valuable video content with best-in-class digital rights management (DRM). Our industry-leading video infrastructure, development tools, and video management products are directly integrated with leading DRM solutions, making it easy to protect content and safeguard streaming operations across every platform.


Zype's content delivery infrastructure is pre-integrated with an enterprise-grade encryption key management solution, providing customers best-in-class, VOD content protection from end to end.

How does it work?

Zype supports DRM content encryption and playback, allowing for customers to protect their content from unauthorized viewing with enterprise tools.


Native Web Player Implementation

Zype’s web player offers an out of the box DRM experience for website embeds (after required Zype setup).


Developer Support Implementation

Customers using the Zype platform can leverage Zype’s DRM feature set to implement custom DRM content playback on additional web platforms.

Features & Benefits of Zype's DRM


Best-in-Class Technology

Easily leverage with best-in-class DRM standards including Fairplay, Widevine, and Playready


Turnkey Implementation

All licensing management is performed directly from the Zype dashboard or via the Zype API - no need to contract with an outside party


Safeguard Revenue

Prevent unauthorized content access and reduce revenue loss from piracy


Cross-Device Security Support

Web player embed DRM playback is supported on web, mobile, and TV devices, across a wide range of popular browsers



Leverage API support for the full DRM and CMS experience


Protect Your Data

Safeguard data and restrict access to confidential information while allowing the protected asset to be shared securely

Protecting valuable video content for:

Enterprise Media& Entertainment

Large media brands who have legal and corporate responsibilities to implement DRM technology

Content Aggregators

Media properties of all sizes who enter into distribution agreements to license content from 3rd party rights holders

SVOD & TVOD Businesses

Media businesses of all sizes who generate revenue by selling their content or subscriptions to their content and want to invest in content protection to protect their core revenue stream

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