Zype offers award-winning support to our customers by providing in-depth guidance and product best practices. Our support team has consistently achieved a 50+ NPS and 98%+ CSAT.

Stevie Award for Excellence In Customer Service

2021 Stevie Award Winner for Support Department of the Year

Zype is proud to have won the prestigious American Business Awards Stevie award for Excellence in Customer Service in 2018, 2019, and the Stevie award for Support Department of the Year in 2021.

Use our Help Center to find the answers you need to build your video products

Zype Help Center

We pride ourselves on making it simple for you to find the answers you need, when you need them. Explore topics, search by question, or access your personalized support account. Once signed in, you can view status updates on open requests or access your request history in a single pane of glass. Explore our Help Center >

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Support Team

We understand the commitment it takes to build and deploy end-to-end video products, and we go above and beyond to provide the same level of commitment in supporting all our customers.

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Developer Hub

As a tech-first company, we sympathize with your need as a developer to interact with the tools you'll be using before you start. Examine our API Reference, review common use cases in our Developer Guides, and interact directly with our APIs.

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Core System Monitoring

Along with the customer-facing support, our team is dedicated to providing proactive support and ensuring that our platform is operating at a high level. Our customer support team actively monitors our core systems through platform alerting and operating escalations. You’ll want to subscribe to our status page so that you’re notified of any platform incidents or maintenance.

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How Our Support Team Monitors:

Active alerts are sent to our support team

Support investigation - The team investigates by reviewing our infrastructure monitoring dashboards

Escalates the issue after investigating what the impact is

Opens a status page incident to alert customers of the issue

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