Zype Dynamic Ad Creative Pairing Service

What is the Dynamic Ad Creative Pairing Service?

Zype’s Dynamic Ad Creative Pairing service provides customers with the ability to dynamically match ad campaign creatives to videos in their library through flexible, easy-to-use custom attribute metadata fields. This helps grow advertising revenue by optimizing ad fill and ensuring ads are appropriately paired to specific content in the video library.

Customers have always been challenged by matching the right ad creatives to videos. This is especially true when running multiple ad campaigns simultaneously, having a diverse video library with different advertising requirements, or having sponsors who want to only be associated with specific content in your library. The Dynamic Ad Creative Pairing service helps solve these challenges for Zype customers.

This service utilizes Zype’s VideoMeta CMS to manage key value pair metadata used by ad servers to match ads to videos. The service also uses Zype’s ad manager and macros to dynamically replace parameter values in ad tag URLs.

Connected Services

  • Ad Manager Service
  • Ad Macro Service
  • VideoMeta CMS

Who uses this service

  • Ad Operations Managers use Zype’s Ad Manager to add and configure ad tag URLs and make sure key value pair metadata is properly configured in Zype’s VideoMeta CMS.
  • Content Managers use Zype’s VideoMeta CMS to assign key value pair metadata using the custom attributes field on videos.
  • Ad Servers listen for key value pair metadata as configured by Ad Operations and Content Managers to known when to return specific ad creatives for ad requests.

Common Use Case Explained

Using Zype’s Dynamic Ad Creative Pairing service, customers can precisely match ads from a campaign sponsor to specific types of videos in their library. For example, if you have a sponsored ad campaign focused on the sport of tennis, you only want to show tennis ads on videos whose content is also related to tennis.


Zype helps solve this challenge by providing easy configuration of key value pair metadata on individual videos. You can add keys and values to videos that are mapped to creative campaigns set up in ad servers like Google DFP. Using the example above, you would add the key “Sports” with matching value of “Tennis” as custom attributes on tennis related videos in your library.Using Zype’s robust ad macros, you can dynamically surface this key value pair metadata to your ad server when each ad request is generated. Your ad server recognizes the key value pair metadata of “Sports” and “Tennis” as mapped to your specific tennis campaign and subsequently returns the matching creative during the ad fill for only videos with these custom attributes.Getting started with mapping new metadata custom attributes of key value pairs to videos is really easy. Simply go to your video Library, click into the settings of any video, and you’ll see the new “Custom attributes” metadata fields. You can add as many custom attributes per video as you’d like.


To send custom attribute metadata as part of your ad request, visit Zype’s ad tag manager, and select an existing ad tag or create a new ad tag that you’d like to have dynamic key value pairs generated for. If you scroll to the bottom of the ad tag page, you’ll see the new[custom_attributes]macro that explains how the data is sent back to your ad server.


Simply add that macro to your ad tag URL, prepended by your ad server’s key value pair parameter label. For example, Google DFP uses “cust_params=” as their key value pair parameter label.


Hit “Save Settings” and you should be all set! Now every time you generate an ad request to your ad server for this ad tag, Zype will send any custom attributes metadata you’ve added to videos as part of the ad request. As long as your ad server has been set up to return ad creatives mapped to that key value pair metadata, you’ll be matching ad campaigns to your videos and maximizing your ad revenue!


Ad Campaigns are collections of ad creatives curated by customers within their ad servers around a common theme. Some examples might be a campaign targeting a specific brand or sponsor, or a campaign focused around specific types of content such as family programming.

Ad Creatives are individual video ads that can be played autonomously as part of an ad break.

Ad Servers are typically the platforms used by customers to store and serve ads upon ad request. In this case the term “Ad Server” is used generally to include ad servers, SSPs, and other partners that allow customers to store, retrieve, and serve ads to video players upon request. In this use case, the ad server is responsible for providing an ad tag URL that can be used by the customer to request ads during video ad breaks.

Ad Macros are dynamic parameters added to an ad tag URL whose values are replaced by Zype during an ad request.

Ad Manager is Zype’s tool for adding and managing ad tag URLs provided by a customer’s ad server within the Zype platform. Zype’s ad manager does not validate URLs but does allow for targeting ad tags to specific devices and device categories.

Custom Attributes are metadata fields added to videos that allow customers to designate key value pairs, which are used by ad servers to sign ad campaigns to ad requests.

VideoMeta CMS is Zype’s content management system used to import and organize videos, and add and manage video metadata.

Minimum Requirements to Use the Endpoint API Service

  • A paid Zype account capable of ad monetization
  • A valid, active ad tag enabled in Zype targeting specific devices where you would like to serve ads
  • Ad timings configured for any videos you would like to serve ads on
  • Key value pair metadata added to videos in your Zype library
  • Ad campaigns created in your ad server with distinct ad creatives
  • Ad server capable of and configured to listen for key value pair metadata within ad requests to match ad campaigns to ad requests


  • Ensure ad requests are properly generated to ad servers during ad breaks
  • Ensure ad macros are properly replacing values in ad tag URLs as parameters as described by our ad macro instructions
  • Ensure VideoMeta CMS is storing and returning any key value pair metadata added to videos


  • Establish a relationship with ad server capable of supporting ad campaign mapping using key value pairs
  • Provision a valid, working ad tag
  • Add and manage creatives and campaigns within your ad server
  • Configure ad server to listen for key value pairs
  • Add and configure ad tag(s) in Zype ad manager
  • Configure ad timings on any videos where ads should be shown
  • Add key value pair metadata to any videos you would like to map specific ad campaigns against