10 Surprising Industries That Should Have Mobile and TV Apps

By The Zype Team on August 22, 2019

The most popular apps on the app stores are a grab bag of social networks, games, news apps, utility apps, and increasingly health, wellness, photo editing, and productivity apps. You can find an app for almost anything, with millions of apps to choose from, it begs the question of how can you stand out and garner downloads?

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But, what it comes down to is creating an app that is useful to your niche audience and easy to use. Here at MAZ we have high-tested formats utilized by hundreds of legacy and niche brands, and we understand how to take a universal layout and apply it to multiple use cases. Easy to use – check. We believe in apps, and we encourage content creators from all industries to tap into the utility of offering a mobile or TV app to your customers. Whoever you call your target market, we are confident that there’s something that you can do to engage, retain, and drive revenue through on the app side.

Surprising industries with high potential:

1. Car Dealerships – with a mobile and OTT app, car dealerships can control what’s playing on their TVs at dealerships. Display current models and offerings, and encourage guest sign-in to provide real-time information to keep buyers updated on deals and new inventory.

2. Co-working Spaces – a mobile app is a great way to share community information, organize events and a surefire way for members to get the information they need on a daily basis.

3. Tourism Boards – through partnerships and sponsorships with local businesses, a mobile and OTT app is a great companion to encourage travelers to visit, or guide travelers while in town with best of lists, maps, and current events.

4. Event Management Companies – a great way to drive secondary ticketing revenue, live stream events, and provide day of information to attendees, a mobile or OTT app is a modern and green approach to event culture.

5. Schools – as households leave public access television behind, the best option is to use an OTT app to livestream sports, theater, debates, and provide information to parents and local business sponsorship spots with a mobile app.

6. Alumni Associations – for active alumni associations, a mobile app is a great way to distribute content, save money on paper intensive magazine mailers and donation mail, and garner attention of younger alumni.

7. Academic Associations – consider a tablet or mobile app to distribute journals and research at conferences and throughout the year, with an OTT app to livestream talks and panels from around the nation.

8. Brands – with most brands creating content to engage users beyond deals and new inventory, a mobile app is a personal way to connect even further with customers through exclusive items and sales, behind the scenes videos and highly targeted marketing through push notifications.

9. Yoga Studios – through livestream or prerecorded sessions, yoga studios big or small can utilize a mobile or OTT app to drive secondary revenue and bring classes to those that can’t make it in person to a studio. Go the extra mile with content surrounding healthy recipes, inspiring stories, or motivating music or podcast options.

10. Hotels – it’s universal that hotel TVs are cumbersome to navigate, and often information is hard to come by or understand. Consider an OTT app set up per language with all necessary info about what’s happening and possible to do during a stay.


Between engagement, monetization, and experience – apps can take many forms for many industries. We are excited to be at the forefront of what apps are today and what they can become tomorrow. Interested in talking to an expert? Reach out and say Hi

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