How To Start an OTT Business: A Quick Guide

By The Zype Team on June 04, 2021

In recent years, the over-the-top (OTT) market has grown substantially and is now considered a mainstream delivery platform alongside pay TV and traditional broadcast. However, the competition is fierce as the battle for subscriber viewing time and wallet share hardens every day.

If you’re looking to launch your own OTT business, it may seem overwhelming, but you can still get a share of the proverbial OTT pie without having to square up to the likes of Amazon Prime or Netflix. With the right content in place, there are no limitations to distribution with OTT. Plus, most of the OTT barriers that existed previously are crumbling so it’s a good time to start on OTT business.

Why You Should Invest in an OTT Business

If you’re considering launching your own OTT service, the availability of data and the relevant infrastructure is particularly important. This is because consumers today spend more time watching video content on their mobile gadgets than ever before. Consumer data buckets are getting bigger while data is becoming cheaper than before. 

By investing in OTT services, you can capitalize on the opportunities that pay-TV can’t deliver and reach your audiences directly. Besides data, there’s increased investment and coverage of fixed and mobile infrastructure with the rollout of 5G networks and expansion of LTE networks. Such developments make data connections available for OTT video streaming services in existing and new markets.

Businesses that have their own OTT services also get the flexibility to customize and brand their content while enjoying maximizing their income with customized monetization models.  

How to Start an OTT Service

Now that you know the first-hand benefits of starting your OTT business, here are the components to help you start the platform right from the scratch and grow from there.

  • Hosting: You can host your videos on the cloud or on your own server, with security provided by the OTT platform architecture technology. 
  • Multiple CDN: The right CDN will ensure that your content is delivered seamlessly on the go.
  • Streaming Protocol: There are several streaming protocols for OTT video delivery, but you can integrate HTTP and RTMP live streaming for the best viewing experience. 
  • Transcoder: A transcoder converts your OTT app builder videos into web, mobile, TV, and many other auto-adjust compatible formats. This brings even more opportunities for your business. 
  • Cross-platform Support: Cross-platform OTT service compatibility supports various monetization models and ensures that your content performs well regardless of device or time. Accessibility across all devices also helps you increase viewership as consumers can access your interactive videos on all portable devices.
  • IT infrastructure: Creating an OTT platform requires APIs, some of which are built-in for various businesses for the best performance. It’s also cost-effective as it helps you cut down on IT resources. 
  • DRM Security: Security solutions like password protection, geo-restrictions, paywall integration, and dynamic watermarks are required to ensure your video platform is secure from digital attacks.
  • Video Interface and User Engagement: To boost your video marketing tactics, you need essential insights into your customers’ preferences. Integrating analytics can help you study the performance of your viral audio or video content.
  • Multilingual and Multi-currency Support: Customers are the pillar of your OTT platform, so you need to provide avenues for them to pay in their preferred currency and use the platform in their preferred language.

Drive Real-World Results to Your Business with OTT

Today’s consumer wants to have it all and have it right now. OTT services ensure that consumers can access the content they want, whenever they feel like it and on any device they want.

At MAZ, we believe there’s lots of room in the growing market for OTT services. There are many opportunities for you to bypass distributor meetings and monetize your own content independently. Ready to build OTT services for your business? 

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