Mastering Live Streaming: Webinar Recap

By Chris Bassolino on June 16, 2017

This Wednesday, Zype and Wowza Media Systems hosted “Mastering Live Streaming,” a webinar focused on live streaming best practices, driving revenue and common mistakes to avoid. We know live streaming can be difficult and complicated, and we wanted to share our insights on how to make the process as easy as possible. Presenting, we had the triple threat of live streaming experts: Zype SVP of Product, Chris Smith, Zype Live Streaming Engineer, Steven Trispas and Wowza Media Systems Streaming Industry Evangelist, Chris Michaels.

Check out the webinar here!


Both Zype and Wowza help remedy the common problems associated with live streaming. Zype is an end-to-end video distribution platform that helps launch and scale a live video business by automating and optimizing operations—from camera to consumer wallet. Zype also allows customers to distribute to important endpoints through integrated app production workflows, SDK templates and endpoint API service.


Wowza is an end-to-end streaming service that hits every point of the streaming process, from encoding, to actually streaming and providing a player for viewing. It turns streaming into a seamless element of web infrastructure.


Broadcast Lifecycle

What exactly is the broadcast lifecycle? First, the live feed from a camera or encoded live feed from the studio is sent to Zype. Next, Zype configures the feed into multiple quality streams, from 1080p to audio-only. You can monetize this content with any method you choose: AVOD, SVOD, TVOD or a hybrid. Zype archives all live streams for video on demand (VOD) or your own personal records, and then distributes to any endpoint. Like VOD, customers pay for access and as always, the revenue is all yours. Zype distributes to all endpoints, including web, mobile, smart TV or set-top box.

Zype Live Workflow

Zype Live is an end to end live streaming platform that lets you deliver your live content to any endpoint in record time.

The Zype Live workflow is meant to be intuitive and as simple as possible. The streams themselves run on the Wowza platform, but have the look and feel of Zype. The webinar outlined how to:

Create a Broadcast


2. Apply Branding


3. Apply Monetization Options


4. Start a Broadcast


5, Live Stream Archive to VOD


With the new Wowza and Zype partnership, a second version of Zype live is in the works! This will come with the highly requested category feature, encoder improvements,  the ability to stream even with low bandwidth and more! Stay tuned for the launch of the revamped Zype Live.

Tips and Common Mistakes to Avoid

There really are several considerations that people either overthink or don’t plan for when they live stream. Here are some tips on how to have the best live stream possible:

Give yourself some preparation time —Live events can be complicated, so you should give yourself enough time to build your workflow, test it and document it for repeated use. Make sure all of your equipment works and all of your endpoints successfully stream your content. Also, do a little bit of research and read all the guides and resources that you can.

Simplify the Encoding WorkFlow —Composite everything to be sent out as a simple stream. You can even further simplify the on-site workflow by combining capture and encoding with an IP camera.

Start simply with players —Always preview and test your stream within the player before actually going live. This allows you to adjust for the quality, audio and latency of the stream.

Plan for Scalability— Make sure that you tune for production: use a managed service using an HTTP delivery (so you won’t crash based on the number of viewers), deliver from the cloud as much as possible and consider your Live-to-VOD viewing. Essentially, we want your videos to go viral and for you to be prepared for it.

Don’t be afraid to ask— Make sure that you look at the forums and use all available resources offered to you.

We’ve also noticed that people tend to make the same mistakes when live streaming. Don’t fall into the trap and make an effort to avoid these common pitfalls:

Overloading your server hardware

Not planning for viral spikes

Inadequate network standing

Getting stuck with outdated technology

Some Questions Asked…

Can you share trends on what to live stream?

Live is an amazing tool for audience engagement, so any content that will benefit from real-time interaction is a great candidate for live streaming. Sports, news, politics, and regional content are prime examples, but there’s also a lot of “nontraditional” content that fits for live, like comedy or music. Live is a human experience and everyone wants to be part of it.

What software programs do you use during live broadcast?

Hardware encoders are great, but they’re pricey. They’re beneficial because you have something physical, can control green screen screens and swap back and forth. We have a lot of experience with the Tricaster 400 series. Software encoders are also great. They range from Wirecast to OBS.

Are there any plans to integrate user chat?

User chat is a very interesting product and certainly something we have looked into. The great thing about Zype’s solution is that it’s flexible and can be integrated with a lot of plugins, which is what a lot of Zype customers do. We are considering integrating user chat into the platform, though.

Watch here:

The Zype and Wowza Media Mastering Live Streaming webinar was an absolute success, where the audience was able to learn about live stream best practices, common mistakes and get a walk through of Zype Live. Want access to this valuable information? Watch the full webinar here!

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