Video Monetization Guide: Make Money Without YouTube In 2022

By The Zype Team on June 09, 2021

YouTube has held the most popular video monetization strategy within their platform for a long time. 

From music and TED Talks to DIY crafts and funny cat videos, the platform has a larger reach, which makes it more appealing to content creators, especially first-time video creators. Moreover, the exorbitant monthly paychecks from YouTube advertisements would excite anyone to be a part of the goldmine.

However, it’s not as easy as it looks to make it on YouTube. It takes tons of time, effort, and persistence to build a solid audience that you can monetize.

Worse still are the many setbacks, hurdles, and possibility of legal issues that a YouTuber may face today, making video monetization on YouTube even tougher.

Thankfully, there are other video monetization platforms you can use, with better features and lower barriers to generating higher, more stable incomes. Check out our comprehensive guide to video monetization for a complete look into the nuances of video monetization.

Why You Should Consider a YouTube Alternative to Make Money

Success on YouTube doesn’t necessarily translate into lots of money. In fact, Bloomberg reported that the top YouTubers make less than $17,000 annually, while the rest generate anything between $0 and $12,140. 

YouTube is not only highly competitive, but also requires that you follow its policies, which keep changing and affect income. For example, if you fail to meet the minimum video watch time and subscriber requirements or fail to comply with YouTube’s eligibility requirements, your channel may no longer be eligible for monetization, or you may end up paying fines. 

For your videos to get monetized, you must ensure that they’re relevant to a product or service that the advertiser is promoting, and that your audience matches the advertiser’s ideal customer profile.

On top of that, revenue share on YouTube takes 45% of what advertisers pay for every single ad that’s showcased to your channel’s audience. Consequently, you only earn 55% of the revenue regardless of how much your channel grows, which limits growth and makes scaling your income an uphill task.

How to Make Money Without YouTube in 2022

As YouTube rapidly loses its charm and glory, several other alternatives for content creators are slowly but surely gaining on it. Not only that, but consumers are willing to pay to watch videos, which is why platforms like Netflix, among others, are still in business. 

Every video creator needs to be empowered to make the money they deserve for their original work, but sadly that won’t happen on YouTube. At least not with the current state of the platform.

Which brings us to an important question: How can you make money without YouTube in 2022? Here are three steps you can take to sell video content successfully and profitably.

1. Create your own standalone platform

With a video-on-demand optimized platform of your own, your audience can come and find and access your videos easily, giving you free rein over your domain. You can set your prices, maintain creative control, and flexibility while adjusting your strategy based on what your audience wants. 

It’s easy to create your own online VOD platform using MAZ’s all-in-one platform, upload your videos, set your prices, and manage your marketing and analytics from a powerful dashboard. 

2. Create a subscription offer

Once you have your own VOD platform, you can create your Netflix-style platform where you can sell your videos. This model is highly scalable, provides passive monthly income with full control over your prices, leaving you to create more valuable and engaging content for your audience. 

3. Include television

With your platform and subscription offer ready, and a few conversions, you can include television using OTT apps. This way, your audience can view your videos on their TV using casting devices like Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chromecast, or Roku, and generate even more income. 

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